Savor the magic of love in the dark Savor the magic of love in the dark

Love is blind, and so could be your romantic dinner Love is blind, and so could be your romantic dinner

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  • An unique blindfolded
    dining experience
  • Excellent
  • A secret
    3-course menu
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Warm and cozy restaurants to enjoy the perfect dinner!

The perfect romantic restaurant to celebrate love

It's all about love taking the spotlight, and food is the heart's language… Let your senses guide you through a romantic blindfolded dinner at a cozy and warm restaurant! Surprise your loved one with an unique dining experience that turns every moment into a shared celebration of connection and flavor. Discover the magic of love in every bite, where darkness heightens the senses.

Dining in the Dark

A blindfolded love story

If you're in need of romantic gift ideas, we've got an original one for you: spice it up and offer a blindfolded romantic dinner to the love of your life. We promise you the perfect date night full of laughs, food and memories! Ignite the flame in your relationship and try to guess the 3-course menu while blindfolded…

Dining in the Dark

A culinary exploration of irresistible flavors

Enjoy a specially crafted delicious menu designed to elevate your experience. As love is blind, you'll appreciate 3 delicious dishes without your sight. Do you think you can guess all textures and flavors? Soft or crispy? Sweet or sour? Let your senses guide the way, food taste even better when shared together!

Dining in the Dark


People shared their love for Dining in the Dark...

4.8 out of 5 stars

  • J. Price

    New York

    Outstanding experience, perfect date night and the most unique date night you can ask for! The food was absolutely delicious!!!

  • L. Evangelista

    Washington DC

    This is an experience that everyone should embark on! Fine dining while blindfolded was an amazing experience and we will definitely do it again!

  • A. Davis


    The food was AMAZING! I forced my husband to come to this dinner with me. He thought it was a stupid idea and did not understand why I would want to eat blindfolded. However, he had a blast!!!! Y’all had him at the first course. Great job!!

  • C. Cunningham

    Los Angeles

    It was more than I expected! Each course was delicious, the service excellent and my date and I got to share an experience we’re eager to repeat. Can’t wait to try out another venue!

  • M. Paz

    Mexico City

    Delicious food, an unparalleled experience, the other senses are sharpened to identify what you are eating. Excellent service and atmosphere!

  • A. Gutierrez


    A totally different experience, amazing!

  • V. Delvaux


    Very nice experience! Definitely worth doing at least once. Plus, we ate very well, it was delicious, we were also served very well. We highly recommend.

  • L. Lima


    It was an incredible experience!! My boyfriend and I loved it!

  • I. Popova


    We had a lot of fun! Excellent quality food, friendly staff. An experience out of the ordinary!

  • B. Jesus

    São Paulo

    An unique experience, totally immersive and sensorial!

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Ignite your senses and spread love around the world

Let food be your love language and discover the Dining in the Dark experience we're already hosting worldwide! Find the nearest one to you.

The sensorial 3-course menu will surprise your senses and test out your taste buds. Love beyond sight: dare to eat in the dark!
Unveil the mysteries of love as you share an unforgettable dining experience with the love of your life at an elegant and romantic restaurant.
Did you know that all your interactions change when deprived of your sight? Dare to eat blindfolded where every bite is a delicious surprise. A date has never been this fun!


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