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80% of people eat with their eyes… eliminate this sense and elevate your taste to another level

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Immerse yourself in a unique blindfolded dining experience and tantalize your taste buds!

Ever wondered what it is like to eat in the dark? Dining in the Dark is a gastronomical experience that invites you to explore the full potential of your taste buds in a uniquely entertaining atmosphere. While blindfolded, you’ll enjoy delectable surprise dishes and feast on a curated 3-course meal without using your sight, thereby enhancing your other senses. Get your tickets to Dining in the Dark in Philadelphia now!


What people are saying about our Dining in the Dark tasting experience

4.8 out of 5 stars

  • Ethan A.

    A really good experience ! The staff members were explaining everything to us and were really nice !

  • Amanda T.

    The food was delicious, I loved everything I was served.

  • Spencer B.

    Delicious and the dishes are so unique. Each dish has you guessing what the flavors are.

  • John T.

    Such a fun experience! I highly recommend trying it out if you have the chance.

  • Cole W.

    Your senses are definitely enhanced doing this. It was a magical experience for me !

  • Maggie S..

    Dark and Moody, just what you want for a dining in the dark

  • Arianna P.

    Absolutely delicious and fun! Our waitress and onsite attendants were very kind and professional.

  • Sarah J.

    They made the experience so fun ! It was very different and unique !


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